(1) Large 63 x 33.8" Car Windshield Sunshade, Foldable, Sun Shade Protection

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Harsh heat and UV rays the bane of your summertime existence? Summertime brings excessively hot car interiors and ruins the cabin by warping or cracking the dashboard from extreme heat. Not to mention, you also risk burning your hands on a super hot steering wheel or burning your booty on a piping hot seat! Get rid of all your summertime troubles with this windshield sunshade and keep your car interior cooler than the hot outside temperature.

This sunshade is made with high quality nylon polyester material with one silver reflective side to reflect the sunlight, which keeps your interior looking perfect and cooler than the outside air. The compact, foldable design is easy to pop-up and attach on the windshield and takes practically no time to fold up back into storage when not in use.

Note: If you see any wrinkles, they're completely normal and will not affect the functionality of your new sunshades!


  • Each package comes with a large size (63 inches x 33.8 inches) windshield sunshade with 2 circle pieces
  • Made with high quality nylon polyester material with one reflective side to block out the harsh sun
  • Foldable pop-up design is easy to expand and attach on windshield as well as simple to store when not used
  • Keeps your car interior cooler than the temperature outside during the summer; no more burning your hands on the steering wheel or your buttocks on the hot seats

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