10-Second Time Delay Relay Module, 5-Pin 12V 30A SPDT, For Automotive Lighting

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SKU AA1247
  • 1 piece 5-Pin 12V 30A SPDT cube-style Relay (size: 1.65" x 1.25" x 1.25")
  • Allow a fixed 10 seconds delay to turn on the light
  • Good for car/motorcycle retrofit lights that do not have switch or want to delay the turn-on time to protect the battery or circuit/fuse, perfect for high power lighting applications such as LED light bar, LED work lights, HID system, etc
  • Direct replacement (since this relay is polar sensitive, if it does not respond, please try to flip the triggering wires around) Demo Video: youtu.be/dOmVZ62CmcQ
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If your car or motorcycle has no headlight switch, your headlights probably turn on automatically when you turn your key in the ignition right? With the 5-pin 12V 10-second time delay relay module, you will have control over your headlights!

Your package will include (1) 5-pin 12V 30A SPDT cube style relay, measured at 1.65" x 1.25" x 1.25". Please note that this listing features only the time delay relay module and, while it is compatible with wiring harnesses that use cube-style relays, does NOT include a relay wiring harness. When you apply this 5-pin time delay module, your headlights will turn on 10 seconds after you turn your key in the ignition. This not only looks cool, but also preserves the longevity of your auto-headlights, battery, or circuit/fuse. This time delay relay is a direct replacement and is polar sensitive. If it does not respond, flip the triggering wires around. Refer to this demo video: youtu.be/dOmVZ62CmcQ.

The 5-pin 12V 10-second time delay relay module is ideal for use with car/motorcycle retrofit lights that do not have a switch, and is also perfect for high powered lights like LED light bars, LED work lights, and HID systems.

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Do you sell these with a mounting tab like some other relays?

We do not have this item with mounting tabs.