1990-up Mercedes W463 G-Class G500 G550 G600 G55 G63 AMG LED Front Turn Signal Lamps Installation Guide

This tutorial guide will show you how to install the amber LED front turn signal lights for the 1990-up Mercedes G-Class (75-097).

Before installing, make sure your SUV is completely shut off, including the engine and the electronics. Otherwise, its onboard computer will detect that you disconnected the OEM turn signals, and an error message will pop up on the dashboard.

Step 1: Unscrew the bolts on top of your stock turn signal lights to remove the clear lens from the base.

Step 2: Remove the 2 inner bolts to release the base from the car frame. Disconnect the wires powering the turn signal lights.


Step 3: Route ALL wires down through the hole, including the LED turn signal lights. Connect the turn signal + and – wires to the original connectors. You can also extend the white position light + wire to your car’s front side marker + wire but this is not required.


Step 4: Connect the CAN-bus resistor equalizer wire to a CAN-bus resistor unit. This ensures you get no error messages and don’t get hyperflashing. Make sure you mount the resistor unit to a metal surface because the resistor will get hot.

Step 5: Repeat the last 4 steps to change the other turn signal light. Test them to make sure the lights function.