2003-2005 Nissan 350Z Direct Fit LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find these products under Nissan 350Z LED Front Bumper Reflector Daytime Running Light (70-716).

1.) Remove the front bumper. It should be held on by various clips, bolts, and screws underneath, on the top, and the sides of the bumper.

2.) Locate the bumper reflector. It is held on by two screws, remove those and set aside somewhere safe as you will be re-using them.

3.) Compare the plastic mounts that came with the lights and use the appropriate one for the side you are working on. Install the mount with the screws that you removed earlier.

4.) Install the LED assembly from the outside of the bumper and use the provided screws to secure the assembly to the mounting plate.

5.) Check to make sure the assembly is sitting flush with the bumper.

6.) Use the extension wires provided and route the wire and module box to the car battery.

7.) Connect the red wire to the ACC in fuse box or any 12v power source such as the stock parking light that you want the lights to turn on with and connect the black wire to the battery negative or metal chassis. Connect the white wire to the headlight wire positive; this causes the daytime running lights to turn off when the headlights are on.

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