2006-2010 Lexus IS250 IS350 IS-F LED Interior Dome Map Light Bulb Installation Guide

You can find SKU DF18 product under Lexus IS Direct Fit LED Interior Kit.

1.) Using a small flat head screw driver, carefully pry open the frosted lens of the front map lights. Start from the corners and work your way down the sides.

2.) Once you’ve removed the frosted lens, remove all the factory T10 bulbs. Be careful as they may be quite hot if you left them on, it is a good idea to let them cool down if this is the case.

3.) Install our LED panel by plugging in the T10 adapter. If the panel does not light up, please follow the link below to follow the troubleshoots available for T10 sized bulbs:


4.) To install the LED panel, insert the pointed ends of the panel into the housing first. Tilt the panel upward and install the rest of the panel into the housing.

5.) Re-install the frosted lens and move towards the rear dome light.

6.) Using the same flat head screw driver, carefully pry open the frosted lens from the indent in the lens.

7.) Remove the two D31 LED bulbs from the housing. Again, take caution if they were left on as they will be very hot.

8.) Install the LED panel and test the light. If the LED panel does not light up, use the troubleshoot given in the link above and try again.

9.) Re-install the plastic lens back on and enjoy your new direct fit LED panel lights!

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