2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro LED Daytime Running Light Fog Lamp Installation Guide

Find these Chevy Camaro LED DRL/Fog here:

The 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro remains as a popular ride and is a top choice for car enthusiasts who want an aggressive muscle car. What's especially unique about this particular generation Camaro is the lighting on the lower bumper. While such lighting application is generally called a fog light, this application on the Camaro is actually a daytime running light located on the lower bumper location. Plenty of Chevy Camaro owners have experimented with some complicated wiring to allow the light to function as a daytime running light and a fog light, but at iJDMTOY we have designed an LED lighting assembly that has both daytime running light and fog light mode.

This is an LED assembly with LED halo rings as daytime running lights and a center LED as fog lights for a new look as well as a smooth transition from day to night.

Before we get started: The Chevy Camaro used in the installation demo has a special ZL1 front bumper installed that allows for two lighting applications in the lower front bumper. For most Chevy Camaro like the RS, LS, and LT, there is only one lighting application in the lower bumper. However, the installation process will still be the same.

Step 1: Roll the tire so you can gain access to the wheelbase.

Step 2: Take a screwdriver and remove the clips in the wheelbase. Open the wheelbase cover to gain access to the fog lamp location.

Step 3: As outlined in the intro, this Chevy Camaro ZL1 bumper has two lighting applications. We will be focusing on the daytime running light on top. If you have a Chevy Camaro RS, LS, or LT, there will only be one daytime running light application so there won't be any confusion.

Step 4: For all intents and purposes, we will be calling the light circled in red (the one you'll be replacing) as a DRL/Fog. It is held on by three tabs so you will need to pop off the tabs before you can remove the stock DRL/Fog.

Step 5: Before you remove the stock DRL/Fog, you will need to remove the bezel in front. The bezel serves as a method of securing the DRL/Fog into the lower bumper so it's necessary to use the bezel to hold the new LED DRL/Fog in place after installation. The bezel basically serves as a bracket to secure the LED DRL/Fog.

Step 6: After you remove the bezel, you can remove the stock daytime running light. Just reach your hand inside, push out the tabs, and release the stock DRL.

Step 7: Pay attention and compare the tabs on the edges of the stock daytime running light and the new LED DRL/Fog. When you reinstall the new LED DRL/Fog, you need to make sure the tabs are aligned the same way as the stock daytime running light..

For some non -RS Chevy Camaro models, the lower tab of the stock daytime running light is on the opposite side as the LED DRL/Fog. If the lower tab on the LED DRL/Fog is on the opposite side of the stock daytime running light, simply pluck off the plastic holding tab on the LED fog light and transfer it to the other side.

Step 8: After you make sure the tabs are aligned, reinstall your new LED DRL/Fog.

Step 9: Once the new LED DRL/Fog is installed, it may feel a little bit loose. No worries! The lower bumper bezel acts as a bracket to secure the (heavier) LED DRL/Fog in place..

Step 10: Reinstall the lower bumper fog light bezel. You'll see that the LED DRL/Fog is now very secured.

Step 11: Wiring time!

Connect the adapter back to the stock harness to enable daytime running light halo ring function.
Tap the red wire to side market light positive to enable fog light function at night.
Then connect the left/right harness together.

What if the LED daytime running light function does not light up?
1.) Did you perform installation in the day? Since this is a daytime running light, the LED application needs to be triggered by adequate lighting. If you did not install the LED DRL/Fog during the day, you can take a flashlight and shine it on the DRL sensor.

2.) If the LED daytime running light function still does not work, flip the adapter 180 degrees and try again.

Step 12: If the halo ring LED daytime running light and LED fog light function both work, repeat the installation on the other side.

Put all of the components back in place and enjoy your new Chevy Camaro LED daytime running lights and LED fog light combo.