2010-up Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front License Plate Tow Hook Mount Adapter Installation Guide

You can find this product under Front Bumper Tow Hook Mounting Adapter Bracket for License Plate (AA2263).

Before we get started: You will also need a wrench and a hex tool.

Step 1: Pop off the tow hole cover.

Step 2: Insert the tow hook adapter bar. There is only one way you can twist the bar until the threading catches on. You'll also notice that you will be able tot turn the bar about 3-4 times.

Take a wrench (3/4") to further tighten the bar. The tow hook adapter is designed to just hold the license plate so it doesn't have to be heavy duty.

Step 3: Choose the best location to insert the license plate bracket. We eventually decided on the center location.

Step 4: Secure the license plate onto the bracket. The assembly locks in with the #10 lug wrench adapter and S24 hex size.

Once you secure the license plate onto the mount, it becomes extremely difficult to steal the parts.

Enjoy your Tow Hook License Plate Mounting Adapter on the Hyundai Genesis!