2011-2014 Chevrolet Cruze Direct Fit LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find these products under Chevrolet Cruze Direct Fit LED Daytime Running Lights (70-729).

1) You will need to locate the tabs and screws that are holding the bumper on the frame. Once the screws and bolts are removed, you can gently move the bumper off the vehicle and set down. Keep all the bolts and screws in a bag to prevent any loss while reinstalling the bumper back on.

2) Now, you can access the OEM Fog Light bezel or assembly, you will need to pop the assembly or bezel off and replace it with the all new Chevy Cruze LED Daytime Running Light kit. The kit has the wiring harness included so you will need to connect it together so it will draw power to both units.

3) Next, you will need to locate the fuse box to tap to the ACC 12V+ to draw power to the LED Daytime Running Lights. You will need to check your owner’s manual to locate the exact fuse slot of the ACC 12V+ (different vehicle year, trim and models will vary). Take the red wire from the harness and tap it into the ACC 12V+ fuse slot.

4) After you have tapped the positive wire to the ACC 12V, you will then need to ground the remaining black wire to the battery’s negative terminal. After you secured the connections, start the car and check to see if the Chevy Cruze LED Daytime Running Lights are fully operational.

5) Enjoy the new Chevy Cruze LED Daytime Running Lights!

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