2014-up Toyota Tundra Hood Scoop Mount LED Strip Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under Toyota Tundra LED Hood Bulge Strip (50-064).

This LED strip light bar for the Toyota Tundra is what we are trying to achieve:

Step 1: Remove the hood bulge. You'll need to take of the bolts and clips that are securing the hood bulge before you pull it out.

Step 2: Disassemble the hood bulge. There are a couple screws you will need to remove so you can take out the inner black plastic piece. This plastic piece is where you will be installing your new LED hood bulge strip.

Step 3: Once you take out the inner plastic piece, it's time to get your LED strip and camera ready for installation.

Step 4: Now we will turn our attention to the black plastic piece. There are several clips holding the piece together that you'll need to remove in order to access the inside of the piece.

Step 5: Insert the LED strip through the partition you've created in the plastic piece.

Pay attention to the direction you're inserting the LED strip. The wires need to remain on the driver's side of the vehicle where it's closest to the battery. Otherwise, you will have to use an extension wire to route the wires through the hood and down the engine bay.

Step 6: Use zip-ties to secure the LED strip directly behind the plastic mesh.

Step 7: Progress! Check to make sure you've positioned the LED hood bulge strip the way you want it.

Step 8: Make sure to test if the LED strip lights up before you begin the wiring portion. Then put the hood bulge back in place to begin wiring.

Step 9: Since we installed the LED hood bulge strip with the wires facing the passenger side away from the battery, we will need to use an extension wire to route the wires through the hood and into the engine bay.

That's why it's important to make sure your LED strip wires are closer to the battery before you zip-tie the strip!

Step 10: We are using a zip-tie to tie and guide the extension wires horizontally through the hood, out of the hole, and down towards the battery. If you don't require an extension wire, you can just draw the wires directly down and out through the hood.

Step 11: Tap the LED strip's ground wire to the metal near the battery.

Step 12: Tap the positive wire to the ACC12V+ in the fuse box. We are pulling out the particular terminal to tap the wire to the location. The picture insert demonstrates the slot where you will insert the wire. Put the ACC 12V+ terminal over the wire to secure.

Step 13: Be sure to check and double check to see if the wires would get jammed if you close the hood. This can severely damage the wiring! Make sure to maneuver the wiring so that it does not get caught.

Step 14: Check to make sure everything works and put all the components back in place.

Enjoy your new Toyota Tundra LED Hood Bulge Lights!