2015-up Jeep Renegade Behind Lower Front Grille 20" 120W LED Light Bar Kit Installation Guide

This installation page is for product 35-976. You can search the SKUs to find the product(s) on our website.

This is a tutorial that will show you how to install the 20" 120W LED light bar behind the lower bumper grille of the 2015 and later Jeep Renegade (35-976). Given the Renegade does not the flexibility that the Wrangler has, the lower bumper grille is the perfect place to mount an LED light bar. The location in which the LED light bar is mounted makes it ideal for off-road use and as an excessively bright fog light. This installation is based on the base Renegade model. If you drive the Trailhawk model with tow hooks, your installation process will involve removing your entire bumper, which you can perform either way. If you do not want to remove your bumper, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to pry open the two bezels on either side of the grille.


Step 2: Remove your lower bumper grille. Unscrew the bolts using a small torx head screwdriver. 

Push the grille inwards to release the clips. Widen the grille gap so that you can take the grille out.

Step 3: Secure the included mounting brackets onto the LED light bar.

Step 4: Mount the LED light bar onto the hind side of the grille. Make sure the light bar is set symmetrically.

Bolt the free brackets on the front side of the grille mesh, threading the bolts through both brackets.

Step 5: Insert the LED light bar/grille assembly back into your lower bumper. Widen the gap so that you can easily put the assembly through.

Step 6: Pull the grille towards you to clip it back in. The clips are set behind the grille so that it cannot be easily stolen.

Step 7: Wire the LED light bar using the included relay wiring harness with switch.

Step 8: Test the LED light bar to make sure it lights up properly. Once you've confirmed it has, screw in the bolts you previously removed and place the two bezels back. You may now enjoy your Jeep Renegade's brand new lower bumper grille mounted LED light bar!

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