2016-up Toyota Tacoma Hood Scoop Mount 60W CREE LED Light Bar Installation Guide

This tutorial will show you how to install the super bright 60W CREE LED light bar for the 2016-up Toyota Tacoma (35-966). Please note that the LED light bar and specially designed metal mounting support brackets are made to fit in the Toyota Tacoma hood scoop bulge. Your Tacoma truck must have a hood scoop in order for this LED light bar to fit.

Step 1: Open your Toyota Tacoma's hood to undo the four bolts circled in yellow and release the hood scoop.

Refer to this diagram to identify the hood scoop components in the next step.

Step 2: Remove the four outer screws indicated by the yellow arrow under the hood scoop head (#76181). Take off the black exhaust piece (#76182).

Step 3: Bolt the metal support brackets onto the single row LED light bar.

Your LED light bar package will contain one of these two types of mounting brackets, both of which will serve the same purpose.

Step 4: Mark your drilling locations by laying the LED light bar onto the black exhaust piece and seeing the touching points. Drill the holes at the contact points. Secure nuts through the mounting bracket bolts to affix the LED light bar to the black exhaust piece.

Step 5: Resecure the hood scoop back onto your hood. Wire the LED light bar to your Toyota Tacoma using the included relay wiring harness with push button switch.

Step 6: Test your LED light bar to make sure it lights up. Once you've confirmed that it does, you can now enjoy your Toyota Tacoma's hood scoop mounted 60W CREE LED light bar!

You can find this and more off road truck LED lighting today!

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