2017-up Jeep Compass Switchback LED Daytime Running Light Turn Signal Installation Guide

This is an installation guide for SKU: 70-822

This tutorial will show you how to install the high powered xenon white/amber yellow switchback LED daytime running light/turn signal lamps for the 2017 and later Jeep Compass.

Step 1: Take off the front bumper and remove the factory front turn signal light.

Step 2: Unplug the daytime running light and turn signal wires.

Step 3: Plug the stock daytime running light and turn signal harnesses into the LED daytime running turn signal lights.

Step 4: Once you've clipped in the LED DRL turn signal lights, test your LED lights to make sure that the running light and turn signal functions work as they should. Once you've confirmed that they work, put your front bumper back on to finish. You can now enjoy your Jeep Compass's brand new set of LED daytime running light turn signal lights!

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