2018-2020 Toyota Camry SE XSE TRD LED Bezel Daytime Running Light Kit Installation Guide

This tutorial guide will show you how to install the LED DRL bezel kit for the 2018-up Toyota Camry SE XSE TRD (70-869) (70-848). These kits can be installed on the USDM Camry trims with no fog lights or daytime running lights from the factory.

The new LED DRL bezels have the same tabs as the OEM bezels and can be removed prying off the original covers and replacing with the new bezels.

Access the back of the factory bezel from under the bumper. Release the clips and remove the OEM bezel


If you are installing new LED fog lights as well, you can simply cut the small tabs to open the lower caps (please note that this will void any returns/warranties).

Clip new LED bezel into place.

Run the wires to the fuse box.

Connect the black wire to negative battery terminal

Connect the red wire to the ACC fuse.

Tap the yellow wires to the positive turn signal wires behind the headlights.

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