3 Ways to Install LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings For Fog Light Retrofit

This installation guide will show you a few ways you can install the 40-SMD LED angel eyes halo rings (AA1118) made for retrofit use. The LED angel eyes halo rings is a very versatile piece of LED lighting that cane be installed in many ways. Measured at 80 millimeters or 3.15 inches, it can fit over fog lights that are 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Because this is a highly retrofitted item, you will have to make modifications such as cutting, gluing, and drilling to install the LED halo rings. Please make sure to test the LED rings to see if they light up before making these modifications.

Ultra Blue, White, or Red 40-SMD LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings w/ Chrome Shrouds For Fog Lights Custom Retrofit DIY Use

Here are 3 ways that you can modify to install your LED angel eyes:

Cutting Holes in Your Fog Light Housing

This method of modifying is recommended for use with smaller projector foglights. Cut holes on the side of the fog light housing so that the shroud can fit over your fog lights. Make sure the distance between the holes are the same as the distance between the tabs on the shroud of the LED angel eyes. Insert the LED halo ring with shroud over your existing fog light. The shroud should fit snug over your fog light housing.

Cutting Off The Tabs

This kind of alteration is best used for bigger fog lights. Cut off both tabs entirely to allow the inner ring circled in red to be the holding point. Apply glue to the inner ring and secure it over your fog light housing.

Removing The Shroud

This way of adapting is the least painless as it does not involve cutting, drilling, or any other method of hard modding. Simply pop off the LED angel eye from the shroud. Use double-sided tape or glue to secure the halo ring over your fog lights.

After installing your LED angel eyes halo rings, connect the two wires to either your existing parking light harness, or your fog light harness's positive (+) and negative (-) wires.

These approaches to installing the retrofit LED angel eyes halo rings is just three of many different ways of modifying; you are limited only by your imagination. How will you retrofit your LED halo rings?

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