How To Install Toyota 4Runner Raptor Style LED Grille Lighting Kit

This page will show you how to install the Toyota 4Runner's Raptor Style LED Grill Lights (35-055)

Step 1) Open hood and remove front trim piece above grill/radiator by depressing plastic buttons on each plastic trim tab. Then, use a screwdriver to pry up each trim tab.

Step 2) Insert LED marker lights into grill. They only go in one way and only on certain parts of the grill and clip each LED connector into the wiring harness.

Step 3) Pull away fender edge plastic trim piece and run wiring through. Secure with zip ties. After installation I added a plastic wiring loom to protect the wire from abrasion. Pull most of the wire slack towards the firewall.

Step 4) Use electrical tape to secure wires to the fishing wire. Pull-through firewall into the vehicle interior.

Step 5) Locate blank fuse location that is energized when when the ignition is turned On, but not turned to ACC. Crimp ring connector to black wire. Secure to grounding point below the driver’s side fuse box. Crimp add-a-fuse to red wire and add two fuses. Note, photo shows 15A fuses, but I later switched to 5A fuses. Install at selected blank fuse location.

Step 6) Wrap connection points with electrical tape. Tidy up wires with additional zip-ties as necessary and enjoy your new 4Runner LED Grille Lights.