50W 6-Ohm Load Resistor For LED Turn Signal Light Installation Guide

Installation guide based on a Scion FRS for LED Switchback Turn Signal Lights.

You can find this product under Switchback LED Bulbs (20-00x-5050) and LED Load Resistors (AA1037).

Before you install the switchback LED bulbs, please make sure the following 3 requirements are met:

  • It is used for the front turn signal lights
  • The lens is clear or mostly clear (so the white and amber LED can make a difference)
  • The original bulbs/socket must be double-filament (3157/7443/1157 sizes are double filament), means that light on the car has two functions such as parking lights/daytime light & turn signal light

1.) Turn the wheel to the opposite side of the vehicle you are working on. Remove the three (3) plastic clips that hold the fender liner to the bumper and set aside.

2.) Locate the original OEM bulb and remove it from the housing carefully.

3.) Replace the original 7443 bulb with our 27-SMD-5050 switchback LED bulb. Here you can test the LED bulbs, make sure when the parking light is on, the LED bulb lights up white and when the turn signal light is on, the LED bulb blinks amber.

3.) Skip this step if you did not purchase load resistors.

If you purchased load resistors, using t-taps or quick splices (available at any auto parts store) locate the TURN SIGNAL POSITIVE and COMMON NEGATIVE wires of the lights. Splice/tap into those wires and mount the resistor onto a metal surface. These resistors get very hot so it is very important to mount them to a secure surface which is heat resistant.

4.) Repeat the same steps on the opposite side and turn on the lights to test them before putting back together the vehicle.

5.) Once the lights are re-installed, turn on the headlights and check out your brand new switchback LED turn signal lights!