7440 Switchback LED Turn Signal Light Bulb Installation Guide

This installation guide is based off of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 Headlight for the 7440 single filament switchback LED bulbs, you can find this product at 7440 Switchback LED Bulbs.

We highly advise removing your headlight when performing the installation because there may not be enough room to access the bulb.

Once the headlight is removed, you will need to locate the parking light and the turn signal light bulb.

First, you will need to remove twist and remove the factory 7440 bulb out of the socket and replace it with the 7440 switchback LED bulb.

When you lock the 7440 switchback LED bulb back into the headlight housing, please be gentle and cautious of where the red power wire for the parking light is located. You do not want it to get caught in the housing while twisting and locking the bulb or else it will be severe the wire from the bulb.

Once the 7440 switchback LED is locked back into the housing, you will need to remove the parking light bulb from the housing. Now, you will take the red power wire from the 7440 switchback LED bulb and hook it up to the positive of your parking light socket wire.

There are two methods you can use to connect the red wire from the 7440 switchback LED bulb. You can use either a T Tap connector for a quick installation. However, T Tap connectors may get loose over time which is why we advise merging the wires together. You would need to strip a small section of the factory’s parking light and strip the red wire of the LED switchback bulb.

Next, you will need to wrap the parking light wire from the 7440 switchback LED around the stripped area of the factory parking light positive wire. Please make sure to wrap it securely so it does not have a loose connection later down the line.

You will need some electrical tape to wrap the exposed areas of the wires to prevent any shorts. Once you have wrapped any exposed areas, insert the bulb back into the housing and lock in place.

Next, you will need to install a pair of 50W 6 Ohm Load Resistors onto the socket wires of the turn signal bulb. The load resistors will prevent any hyper flash related issues. Here is our LED load resistor wiring diagram

Once the load resistors are installed, please mount the load resistors to a metal surface. The load resistor will begin to get warm around 30-40 seconds and extremely hot around a minute after. It will get hot enough to melt plastic and cause shorts on wires. If you do not have a metal surface around the headlight then you can use additional 16-18 gauge wire to extend the load resistors further to reach a metal surface.

However, we understand some vehicles do not have any metal surface around the area so you can have the load resistor hanging. You can use zip ties to zip tie the load resistor and leave it hanging away from any plastic or wires.