Acura ZDX LED and HID Light Accessories and Kits

Acura ZDX

Headlight Low Beam Low Beam: D2S
Headlight High Beam High Beam: 9005
Daytime running lights Daytime Running Light: N/A
Fog Lights Fog Lights: H11
Parking Lights (aka Position Lights) Parking Lights: 3457 (aka 3157) (co-share with front turn signal lights)
Front Turn Signal Lights Front Turn Signal Lights: 3457 (aka 3157)
Front Turn Signal Lights Rear Turn Signal Lights: 7440
Tail Lamp Brake Lights Brake Lights: 7443
License Plate Lights License Plate Lights: 2825 (aka 168)
Back Up Reverse Lights Reverse Lights: 7440
Interior/Dome Lights

LED Interior Lights Package

Side Door Courtesy Lights Door Lights: 194 (aka 168)

All fitment information are based on Osram Sylvania Bulb Guide, please double check the actual bulb size before purchasing.

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