Audi BMW Mercedes 6411 6418 LED Vanity Mirror Interior Light Installation Guide

You can use the 6-SMD D42mm LED bulbs (10-021) (10-022) (10-023) for the Audi, Volkswagen as well as many BMW or Mercedes-Benz for vanity mirror lights.

1.) Use a flat head screw driver and carefully pry the assembly from the headliner. Start from one side, be careful not to damage the assembly or headliner.

6-SMD D42mm LED Bulbs 1

2.) Unplug and remove the assembly from the wire harness.

6-SMD D42mm LED Bulbs 2

3.) Remove the stock bulb and replace with our 6-SMD D42mm LED bulb.

6-SMD D42mm LED Bulbs 3

4.) Connect the assembly to the stock connector to test the 6-SMD D42mm LED bulb, if the bulb does not turn on, flip it around 180 degrees and check again.

6-SMD D42mm LED Bulbs 4

5.) Install the assembly back into the headliner and enjoy your new LED vanity Light!

6-SMD D42mm LED Bulbs 5