Audi Style LED Headlight Strip Light Installation Wiring Guide

You can find this product under Audi Style LED Strip Lights (50-059).

How to install the Audi style LED strips in order to turn them on/off whenever (without the parking lights). I prefer this so you don't have to tap into any other wiring.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE remove the ground from your battery before starting anything so you don't accidentally fry anything.

The switch I purchased has 3 prongs as shown in my drawing. the 3rd one (if you prefer) goes to another ground ONLY if you want the little LED bulb inside the switch to light up, but it still works fine if you use these exact schematics.

This is how I placed the Audi Style LED strips along the bottom on the headlight.

I ran the two wires through the slit where the headlight and end of the front bumper meet

From there I met the two redwires in the middle, twisted them together, and ran them to a single red wire using THESE
(you can refer back to the SCHEMATIC)

I connected the black wires from each LED strip to THESE and then put them each to a ground like in the photo.

(NOTE: sand a little bit of paint off so you make a good connection from the ring terminal to the chassis)
here are pictures of where I placed them.



NOTE: I covered the red wires with a black cover so it looks cleaner sorry if its hard to notice.

I puchased THIS FUSE BOX and connected it to the positive battery terminal.

(you can see it in the middle left... right above the positive terminal)

NOW the wire coming from the fuse box and the single red wire coming from the LED Strips should run all the way through the firewall grommet (these two wires are going to the ROCKER switch)
the easiest thing I did was use a metal hanger and grabbed the two wires and PUSHED the wires through the grommet. NOTE: there is somewhat of a hole in the grommet already but I don't believe it goes all the way through. so use that as a guide.

You can see both red wires (COVERED with the black snake plastic cover) going to the grommet

Farther to the grommet

The black snaked plastic cover ENDS and the red wires going through the grommet
NOTE: its at the bottom of the photo

This is the photo from the inside of the car under the steering wheel

Going to the rocker switch. i drilled through the little plastic cover to place the switch and wired the two red wires to the rocker switch.

Now reattach your black battery terminal. this will allow you to turn your LED strips on and off with the flip of a switch with the car on...drls on...headlights on....WHENEVER!

Special thanks to Jackss731 from toyotanation for providing us these pictures and instructions on the install guide.