BMW 5 Series LED Interior Light Combo Package Installation Guide

You can find this BMW F10 5-Series LED Interior Package (SMD-BMW-5S) here.

 1) For the trunk/foot area/glove compartment lights, you will just use a flat head screw driver and carefully pry open the lens from the left side as the pictures show.

For Foot Area Lights, once you remove the cover, just twist and remove the stock bulb out of the housing.

2) For the rear dome lights, remove the entire housing from the headliner, it is held on by several clips on both sides. You can remove the front lens , but it is not recommended to do so since the clips are very fragile and you may break it. You will need to remove the entire housing to replace the smaller circular lights.

3) On to the front map light area, remove the black plastic trim near the rear of the panel using a flat head screwdriver.

After removing the trim, use the same tool to push up on the clips inside the "L" shaped holes which are circled in red. This may require a bit of force, but be careful when doing this as you do not want to break anything. Once the clips have been pushed in, pull down on the entire assembly and the installation will be similar to the rear dome lights.

4) For the mirror lights (vanity lights), simply pull out the cover and disconnect the wire.

Remove the cover from the housing and replace the bulbs.

5) Re-install everything in the reverse order and enjoy your new LED interior lights!

Notes: This guide is meant to be used as assistance only, it is not mean to provide you a highly detailed step-by-step procedure to install the lights. This guide assumes that you have basic and general knowledge of how to remove and install lights. iJDMTOY is not responsible for any damages or problems caused by improper installation or misuse of this guide. Professional installation is recommended for those who are not experienced with working on their vehicles.

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