BMW E39 LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under BMW E39 LED Daytime Running Lights

1.) Locate your factory daytime running light bulb circled in red and remove it from the housing.

2.) Remove the factory bulb and set aside.

3.) Replace the bulb with the H7 LED bulb and install the resistor/harness setup as the diagram below shows.

Please pay extra attention to mount the gold resistors to somewhere where it will not physically touch any wires or plastic. The resistors heat up and physical contact with plastics/wiring may melt it.

4.) Install the H7 LED bulb on the other side using the same information and continue with the installation.

5.) Once you’ve installed everything, check to make sure the lights work and then clean up the installation (tuck wires, mount resistors, etc)

6.) Enjoy your new LED daytime running lights!