BMW E60 5 Series M5 Audi Style LED Strip Light Installation Guide

Installation DIY guide for Audi A5 Q7 Style Side Shine LED Strip Lights for headlight lamp.

You can find this product under Side Glow LED Strip Lights .

Tools needed:
1. 5-Trox screw driver
2. Wire Cutters
3. Wire clothes hanger
4. Wrench

1. LED strips
2. Electrical wire
3. Electrical tape
4. Wire connectors

Step 1: Open the hood, and remove the screws for headlight lamps.

Step 2: Attach the side-shine LED strip light to the bottom of the headlight lamp and connect the wires to parking light wires.

Step 3: Put back the headlight lamp and enjoy the new Audi A5 Style headlight.