BMW LED Angel Eyes Frequently Asked Questions


What are "Angel Eyes"?

Angel Eyes are also known as "Halo Rings", these are a signature trademark of BMW vehicles on the headlights. These rings are usually the parking light function of most of the older BMW vehicles and are the daytime running lights for the newest BMW’s.

BMW Angel Eyes LED Marker Bulbs

Early models: Angel Eyes as parking lights

CREE 20W High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes

Later models: Angel Eyes as daytime running lights


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My BMW has 4 angel eye rings, how many sets would I need to purchase to replace all four rings?

You will only need one set (1 quantity) of LED Angel Eye Products to replace all four rings.


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Are the BMW LED angel eyes error free?

Yes, all our BMW Angel Eye products have CAN-bus error free design for the BMW vehicles fit.


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Why are the outer angel eye rings much dimmer than the inner?

With the older model BMW’s, they use one bulb to light up two rings per headlight whereas the newer BMW models use one LED bulb per ring. Please view the diagram below:

Complete H8 Angel Eyes Installation Diagram

As you can see, the bulb near the left powers up both rings from one location. The inner ring will get majority of the light since the bulb is right behind it. The outer ring is further away and the light has to travel a longer distance to reach the ring which is why the outer rings are not as brightly lit as the inner rings. The newer BMW vehicles use one LED bulb per ring so they illuminate the rings very evenly and brightly.


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Why the BMW Angel Eyes appear not so bright at daytime?

Since the LED color is xenon white, therefore at daytime, the color is similar to the sun light, so it is not very distinguish comparing with the OEM yellow during daytime but at night time, you will see the huge difference.


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How do I install the BMW Angel Eyes?

Please check the BMW installation guide.


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