BMW LED Back Up Reverse Light Bulb Installation Guide

You can find this product under LED Backup Reverse Lights (75-219).

*NOTE: Before installing, please make sure that your BMW has the LCI LED tail lamp. These lights will not work on the Pre-LCI tail lamps*

1.) Locate the rear tail light assembly on your vehicle inside your trunk. Remove the carpet panel to reveal the bolts that hold the lamp in place.

2.) Remove the bolts and set them aside.

3.) Disconnect the black multi-pin connector from the headlight.

4.) Once this is done, carefully take out the headlight. If the headlight does not move, lightly tap the bolts that you unscrewed the nuts from. Have one hand holding the lens portion so the assembly does not fall to the ground.

5.) Once the headlight is out, remove two Torx head screws that hold the reverse light bulb in place.

6.) Remove the bulb.

7.) Remove the connectors from the bulb.

8.) Position our LED bulb as how the pictures below show and tighten the Torx screw to lock it in place.

9.) Connect the LED decoder (black box) to the LED bulb and then to the harness from the tail light.

10.) Using electrical tape, securely wrap the connections so they do not come apart.

11.) Tuck away the wiring and decoder. Re-install the assembly into the vehicle and repeat the same procedure on the other side.

12.) Enjoy your new error free LED reverse lights!