Chevrolet Camaro PSX26W Bulb VS iJDMTOY P13W LED Bulb

This comparison between the 2012 Chevy Camaro PSX26W Bulbs and our iJDMTOY P13W LED bulbs (40-041) (40-042) will allow you to understand how to install these bulbs properly in your 2012+ Chevy Camaro RS/SS with HID headlamps.

Difference #1

iJDMTOY P13W LED bulb 1

The locking tab on the lower left side of the bulb is slightly larger on our bulb. Because of this, the plastic tab on the stock housing will have to be lifted slightly when installing, you can view our installation guide for a more detailed explanation on this.

Difference #2

iJDMTOY P13W LED bulb 2

The 2012 Chevy Camaro PSX26W Bulb has the plastic tabs on the connector spaced closer together whereas ours is spaced further apart. This will not allow our LED bulb to "click" into place, you will need to apply more pressure to the connector and bulb to connect together. As long as the connection inside the connector is made, there should be no problem.

Difference #3

iJDMTOY P13W LED bulb 3

The last difference is the top locking tab of the bulb. Our iJDMTOY P13W LED bulb's locking tab is smaller than the 2012 Chevy Camaro PSX26W Bulb, but that should be no problem with the installation.