Complete H8 LED Angel Eye Installation Diagram

You can find this product under LED H8 Angel Eyes

1. This install involves opening a cover and replacing the factory H8 light bulb with the BMW LED Angel Eyes. All of the vehicles equipped with H8 bulbs that illuminate the angel eyes will have a small hatch, twist off circular cover/cap or removable cover/lid on the back or top of the headlights under the hood. There is an exploded view of the headlights on the next pages to help you locate the cover and the H8 bulb you will be replacing.

2. First open the box to take out all the parts of this H8 LED BMW Angel Eyes. Underneath is a diagram show you how to connect them together.

3. Locate the bulb cover on the back or top of the headlight. Open it. Locate the factory H8 bulb and remove it by turning it to the right and pulling it straight out of the housing. The bulb only goes in and out one way like a puzzle piece.

4. Direct replace with the BMW H8 Angel Eyes bulbs. Turn to the left to tighten. Make sure it is secure. Then plug the H8 connector into the grey connector that was in the H8 bulb.

5. Tuck all the wires and ballast into the headlight housing. Turn on the LED angel eyes to see the difference of the compared to the stock yellow bulbs. Close the lid and make sure it clicks in securely.

Repeat steps 1-4 for the other side. Enjoy!

How the H8 bulb will illuminate the inner ring (directly) and the outer ring (indirectly thru the fiber optical tubes)

Some facts about angel eyes:

1. The inner ring closest to the grill is an actual light like a flashlight lens and the outer ring is a clear fiber optic tube with cuts on the back of it to reflect the light traveling through it straight forward for oncoming traffic. This design was incorporated so that one bulb can be used to light all 4 rings. The rings are 2 different things and may appear to be lit differently by BMWs design. The outer ring is only viewable from head on. Keep down to look at them. See diagram to the left.

2. When the headlights are switched on the factory H8 filament bulb setup dims down to about 60% power. Our LEDs are at full brightness the whole time

How to make the outer ring brighter?

Below are the diagrams for all the BMWs use H8 bulbs for angel eyes. You can base on these diagrams to get a better understanding on how to replace them