DIY Side Mirror LED Arrow Turn Signal Light Installation Guide

Step 1: Disassemble the Mirror a) Get started by popping off the mirror from it's gimbal. To do the following push the mirror "down and away" from the automobile and yank from the top corner closest to the car. The plastic ball-and-socket should after that dislocate. There are two fat plastic rods also connected to the mirror which control it's position - do NOT pull them off. With the mirror off its gimbal you'll be able to observe the clips for the front cover behind it. b) Take away mirror cover. Applying a screwdriver push the clips for the front cover through their holes and pull on the cover from the frontside. Honestly, this is where you can easily merely go all-out and pull that cover off since you'll be throwing it away anyhow, so broken clips are no sweat. With the cover removed you'll easily know that snaking the wires through the door is going to take some more work. c) Take mirror off it's hinge. Do the following by removing the three screws under the mirror assembly. (Requires torx screwdriver, boo. )#) With the mirror off it's hinge you'll see the path your wires will certainly need to make. d) Take away inside door trim near mirror. The following mainly rectangle piece of plastic basically pops off with a few force. Don't worry, there is certainly just simply one clip and it is quite durable, so just yank. e) Unbolt the mirror from the door. Following you remove the trim per the earlier step you'll notice three bolts. Unbolt them and move the plastic trim from the outside. With these kinds of steps complete you'll find how you ought to route the wires into the door.

Step 2: Route Wire to Car Body This kind of step is simple. With the mirror disassembled run 16-18 gauge wire from the mirror the door and right down to the plastic conduit where almost all other wires bring on the car body. You can easily tuck the wire behind the door trim between the mirror and the conduit. Notice: You'll need to route two sets of wires from the mirrors to the car body (the green wire coming out of the side mirror LED has been incorrectly referred to as the ground wire, nevertheless you certainly ought to connect it).

Step 3: Tap Wires directly into the Turn Signal The best way to recognize them is to look for the bright white wrapped wires (I believe there are 5 or 6 wires bundled). You can easily tap into the red and black ones at any point using the t-tap connectors. Connect the male connectors (they need to come with the t-tap connectors) to the wires you ran into the engine area, then plug them into to the t-taps.

Step 4: Attach LED turn signal Applying your favorite splicing hardware, attach the green and white wires from the LED to the wires you ran into the car. Ahead of splicing you'll want to test out your turn signal on to find out the right wire pairing.

Step 5: Tape-off Wires and Reassemble Everything You'll really need to tape the loose wires along their route from the door to the engine compartment for good measure. Then reassemble everything. The final step ought to be snapping the LED and mirror cover directly into place.