Error Free Front Rear LED Turn Signal Light Bulb Installation Guide

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*NOTE: Removal of the headlight is recommended to gain access and mobility to the bulb. Installing the lights with the headlight on the vehicle may not allow a successful or easy installation.*

1.) With the headlight removed, locate the turn signal bulb circled in red.

2.) Twist the bulb socket holder counter-clockwise to unlock it.

3.) Remove the bulb socket holder from the headlight.

4.) Take note of the orientation of the notches and indents on the bulb holder and socket. We will guide the wires through the notch circled in red.

5.) Install the LED bulb into the bulb holder.

6.) Install the bulb and holder into the headlight. Take precaution as to not damage the wire during installation. Do not repeatedly twist the bulb holder in an attempt to install or else this can severe the wire.

7.) Twist clockwise to lock the bulb holder in place. There will be some resistance due to the wiring that is attached to the bulb.

8.) Install the headlight into the vehicle and repeat the same procedure on the other headlight.

We have also included this quick video, you can take a look too.

9.) Enjoy your new error free LED turn signal lights!