Ford F-250/F-350 Lariat and King Ranch Grille Mounted Dual LED Light Bar Kit Installation Guide

This tutorial will show you how to install the Ford grille mounted dual LED light bars (70-274) onto the 2017-up Ford F-250/F-350 Lariat or King Ranch trims. This installation will involve drilling holes onto your grille to mount the single row LED light bars. These drilled holes ensure a flush fit of the front plate bezel mounting brackets and will not show up on your Ford grille's front end. Please note that this CREE LED light bar kit will not fit in the Platinum, XL, XLT, or Limited trims.

*Update* We've received some feedback concerning the screws on the sides of the single row mini LED light bars breaking off, resulting in not being able to be mounted. The light bar design has been changed so that you can screw in the bolts on the sides yourself, ensuring that nothing breaks off.

Step 1: Remove your Ford Superduty's front grille. Taking out the screws on top of the grille will loosen it and allow you to take it off.

Step 2: Line the specially designed front plate bezel/mounting brackets onto the areas circled below. Mark the mounting locations where you will be drilling.

Drill holes in the marked mounting locations.

Step 3: Assemble the single row mini LED light bars with the metal bracket bezels. Thread a nut, flat washer, and spring washer through the included hex bolts. Screw the hex bolts in on both sides of the mini LED light bar.

Slide the single row mini LED light bar into the bracket portion, keeping the nuts on the outer sides.

Tighten the hex screws and nuts to secure the single row LED light bar onto the metal bracket bezels.

Repeat this step on the other single row CREE LED light bar.

Step 4: Mount the single row light bar/bracket assemblies onto the grille.

Step 5: Put your Ford Superduty grille back on. Wire the dual LED light bars using the relay wiring harness.

Step 6: Test the grille mounted mini LED light bars to make sure each unit fully lights up. Once you've confirmed full functionality, you may now enjoy your Ford F-250/F-350 Lariat/King Ranch's brand new set of grille mounted 30W single row LED light bars!

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