Ford Focus OEM Fit LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under Ford Focus OEM Fit LED Daytime Running Lamps (70-778).

Step 1: Remove driver side headlights. We chose the driver side because it's closer to the battery when you have to tap the wires later.

Step 2: Use a pry tool to pop out the plastic bezel and connect the LED daytime running light wires to the module box.

Step 3: Replace with the LED daytime running lights and route the wires to the driver's side battery location.

Step 4: Tap the wires: Black to ground and Red to ACC 12V+
Find the wire for the headlights and tap it to the blue wire. When the headlights are on, the LED daytime running lights will reduce by 50% just like the OEM LED daytime running lights you see on Mercedes Benz and Audi.

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new LED daytime running lights.

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