Ford SVT Raptor Style LED Grille Marker Light Kit Installation Guide

You can find the Raptor Style LED Grille Lighting Kit (35-026) here

This is a rough diagram illustrating where you will install each of the LED lights in the Ford Raptor Style LED Grille Light Kit. We recommend that each LED light be spaced about 8-10 inches apart, but it depends on the available space of the vehicle's grille. The middle line in the center of the grille shows where you will be installing the center LED light as well as the other two LED lights spaced about 8-10 inches to each side.

Step 1: We strongly recommend that you remove the front grille so you can have better access to measure and align the individual LED lights in the Ford Raptor Style LED Grille Light Kit.

Carefully measure and mark where you will mount each individual LED light.

Step 2: Mount the LED light to each specified location. Each LED light comes with a screw so you can lock in the grille mesh.

Note: If the mesh opening is bigger than the LED bulb, you will need to get an extra washer. Extra washers are not included, but can be easily found at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

Step 3: Wire up the LED lights in parallel. This is a diagram to show you how to properly connect the LED lights to the extension wire in parallel. You can use electrical tape in order to ensure that they maintain a parallel wiring.

Tap the positive/negative wire to the ACC or existing parking lights.

This is how you will route the wires from the grille back to the engine bay through the hood.

Note: For some trucks that have the grille rise up with the hood, you will need an extra wire in order to properly extend the Raptor Style LED Grille Lighting Kit back to the headlamp to the parking light. You can get this wire at Home Depot or Radio Shack.

This truck has a grille that rises up together with the hood and will require an extra wire:

This truck does not have a grille that rises with the hood and will not require an extra wire:

Step 4: Once you test everything, put the grille back and enjoy your set of Raptor Style LED Grille Lighting Kit.

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