Front License Plate Tow Hook Mount Adapter Installation Guide

First, make sure to install the components in the correct order:

Screw --> Flat Washer --> Locking/tooth Washer --> Mounting plate --> Locking/tooth Washer --> Tow Bar

Since September of 2017, we've updated our license plate brackets. It's tougher, more secure, and no longer requires a rubber washer for installation. Please ignore the last line on your package.

For more details, please check the video below:

We recommend further securing the tow hook license plate with some Loctite Threadlocker tool from Walmart. Just search "Loctite Blue". 

The license plate tow hole adapter is made with 8 different locations you can choose from to mount the plate in order to avoid any parking sensors.

Check out the video below to show you all the possible scenarios you could mount the bracket.

iJDMTOY's tow hook license plate adapter is designed to accommodate all trims for a particular vehicle as well as customer's preference on how they want to mount the bracket. Each bracket has 8 different curved mounting locations so that the bracket can be positioned accordingly to the design of the vehicle as well as angle adjusted for personal preference. 

Most customers choose to mount the tow hook license plate adapter bracket at the center location. This is the most popular look, with a smaller gap towards the inner part of the car and a wider gap at the outer side. You can even adjust the angle of the license plate bracket before you secure it in place.

If you prefer a more flush look, the outer left hand mounting positions allow the bracket to sit closer to the bumper.

Since this bracket is designed to fit different vehicle trims and options, you may need to bypass the parking sensor. If this is the case, the positions on the right hand side are also a viable option. If you feel that there is too much gap between the edge of the vehicle and the bracket, you can also adjust the angle of the bracket as well.

If the tow bar you received is either too long or too short for your vehicle, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please take some photos showing the length discrepancy and even a photo of your stock tow hook for comparison.

We can check in our inventory if we have an appropriately sized tow bar for your vehicle and do an even exchange.

Please take a look at these comparisons between iJDMTOY's tow bar and two stock tow bars.

Correct sizing:

The two tow bars have similar threading pattern and the tip of the tow bars are the same diameter.

Incorrect sizing:

The threading pattern is visibly different The tip of the tow bars also appear to be different diameters.

If the tow bars are different, simply contact us and provide a few photos for comparison. We can check in our inventory if we have an appropriate sized tow bar for your vehicle and do an even exchange.

You can also find this product under Front Bumper Tow Hook Mounting Adapter Bracket for License Plate

Before we get started:

Please do not use a power drill! You WILL damage the product!

Compare both the stock tow bar and the iJDMTOY license plate tow bar. Make sure they look similar in size and threading for proper fitment!

Step 1: Remove the tow hole cover. Keep in mind that the removal varies by car. Some vehicles may require a pry tool to remove and some vehicles only require you to gently push in the corner of the cover.

Step 2: Insert the license plate mount stick. Make sure the stick is inserted in so that it's perpendicular to the opening. There is only one entry point for the threading to latch on. Slowly turn the license plate mount stick clockwise, up to 360 degrees until it catches on. Do not tilt the stick in any way. 

The tow hole adapter stick does not have to be extremely tight, just enough so that it's secure. Since the license plate isn't considered heavy duty, you just need to make sure that it's secured enough so the license plate will not spin. You can even use a wrench to properly secure if you wish.

Step 3: After you tighten the tow bar stick, mount the adapter plate. You'll need to use the locking washer that's included in the package. Insert the locking washer into the screw before you screw it into the adapter plate and tow bar. 

This increases the friction between the license plate mount stick and the plate to prevent spinning. The adapter plate is designed with curves so as you install, you can tilt it slightly so the plate is parallel with the car bumper.

This kit uses a special locking bolt that's included in the package so that once you install the license plate adapter, it's extremely difficult to steal.

*NOTE* You may notice a small gap in between the bumper and the metal plate. We have designed these tow bars to accommodate a number of vehicles so the distance between your car's bumper and the adapter plate may vary. As long as there is a minimum of 1/4" inch gap, you will be able to use a wrench to tighten the bar without any issues. The gap may be as wide as 3" - all of these variations are completely normal!

The space allows for appropriate hand-space to mount the bracket to the tow bar for an easier installation.

This license plate bracket is designed to have a clean invisible look and will be completely covered once the license plate is installed. To prevent the license plate from bending when driving or in a car wash, simply add a license plate frame for additional rigidity.