General Install Guide For Behind Grille Mount Truck LED Light Bar

This is a general installation guide on how to install LED light bars in the back of the grille of your truck. For this walkthrough, we will be using the Toyota Tacoma as a reference. We recommend referring to your LED light bar's corresponding installation guide included in your package or online at our truck off-roading LED lighting guide page.

Step 1: Remove your front grille. This is typically held by 2 bolts and 2 clips as referenced below. This step is absolutely necessary to avoid any scratches and damage to your LED light bar and your front grille. Only pry open your grille if your LED light bar's corresponding installation guide allows for it.

Step 2: Lift up and pull back your grille to reveal the open space. Pop off the clips on the metal beam where you will fasten your LED light bar support brackets.

Step 3: Secure the LED light bar metal brackets. The brackets included in your package are typically L-shaped and should have the long arm facing up.

Step 4: Mount your LED light bar onto the support brackets. Use a nut and bolt combination to secure them together.

Step 5: Connect your LED light bar to a power source. There are two options you can take: tap the wires to an existing wire harness or install a relay and switch kit. You can follow our guide on how to install a relay and switch in your vehicle in the hyperlink.

Step 6: Once you make sure your lights are working, reinstall your grille and any parts you may have removed during the installation process to finish up. You can now enjoy your LED light bar.

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