General Installation Guide for the LED Rear Fog Light Brake Light Retrofit Kit

Check out LED Rear Fog Light/Brake Light (72-022)

This LED rear fog light comes with LED rear fog light/brake light assembly and rubber holding piece. This LED rear fog light/brake light is a step up from the standard rear fog light because it has both rear fog and brake light function. The low profile and easier installation is much more convenient and much easier for installation.

Step 1: Get some heavy cardstock or poster paper and trace the inner bracket on a piece of paper. Cut out the outline.

Once you cut and you notice that the cutting is not exactly perfect, it won't be a big deal because the rubber holding piece is flexible and will easily accommodate the bumper as well as the LED rear fog light.

Step 2: Position the paper on the bumper where you'd like to install the LED rear fog light.

Step 3: Get some painter's tape and tape enough bumper surface around the approximate part you'll be cutting. Then tape the paper on top to the exact location where you want to cut. Trace out the hole on the painter's tape.

Step 4: Cut the bumper carefully!

Step 5: Take the rubber holding piece and insert it into the bumper. The rubber holding piece has grooves so that it will sit in place inside of the bumper.

Insert the LED rear fog light/brake light assembly into the rubber holding piece. The LED assembly will sit into the area tightly in place once you insert it into the rubber holding piece.

Step 6: Tap the wires.

White wire to ground.
Black wire to taillight/rear fog light.
Red wire to brake light.