General Installation Guide for LED Head Light Bulbs

You can find this product under High Power LED Headlight Bulbs (40-82x).

Step 1: Remove the stock moisture cap behind the headlights.

Step 2: Pull out the stock harness and the stock headlight bulb.

Step 3: Install the new LED headlight bulbs. If you feel like the bulb base is too big, you can first remove the bulb base (some bulb sizes like H4 H7 allow you to do so). Insert the bulb base first and then you can install the LED.

Step 4: Plug in the adapter and make sure the LED headlight bulb is secure.

Step 5: After installation, if you feel that the LED headlight bulb base is too big to accommodate the stock moisture cap, you can easily get a set of iJDMTOY rubber seal cap covers that are specially designed to fit retrofit LED lighting assemblies.