Grille and Fog Light Wire Mesh Installation Guide

We do not sell this product. This wire mesh can be purchased from any automotive body repair section of auto parts stores or hardware stores.

1.) First, remove or cut away the area that you want the mesh to be installed at. In this case, we will be removing the plastic insert from the fog light area and replacing with a wire mesh cover instead.

2.) Use removed/cut away portion and lay it on top of your wire mesh. Cut out an area slightly larger than the application.

3.) Place the wire mesh behind the opening of the application and trace a line of where to tuck the remainder of the mesh. (you can choose to paint the mesh to black or leave it as is)

4.) Fold the mesh around the application as best as you can.

5.) Using Bondo body filler or any type of epoxy (silicone), liberally apply it to the wire mesh and back of the application.

6.) Repeat the same procedure on the other side and allow the body filler/epoxy to cure and harden.

7.) Enjoy your new wire mesh grill!

Please be advised that this installation guide is meant for general use only. Installation and applications on other vehicles may differ than the directions so please use this guide to give you a conceptual idea of how to install the mesh grill.