H4 High Powered LED Headlight Bulb Installation Guide

This is a tutorial on how to install the H4 sized high powered LED headlight bulbs (40-831). The installation pictures below will be based on the Toyota Tundra but will apply to any car that uses H4 sized head light bulbs. Most of these bulbs are often accompanied by a rubber dust cap, which our H4 LED headlight bulbs cannot fully fit through on its own. In order for the high powered LED headlight bulbs to fit, you will have to either purchase an aftermarket pair of universally fit rubber dust caps or insert the LED bulbs and its heat sink base separately. To perform the latter, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Remove your stock incandescent head light bulbs from your headlight housings, unplugging the headlight bulbs from its harnesses. At this point, you may preliminarily test your H4 LED headlight bulbs to make sure they function properly.

Step 2: Use the included Allen wrench to loosen the base's screw on each LED bulb. Twist and pull off the base.


Step 3: Insert the baseless LED headlight bulbs into your headlight housings.


Step 4: Slide in the rubber dust caps.



Step 5: Twist lock the heatsink bases back onto the LED headlight bulbs. Remember to reapply the screws you loosened.


Step 6: Plug in your H4 LED headlight bulbs to the mini ballasts and stock harnesses to finish.


You may now enjoy your brand new set of xenon white LED headlights. You can find this and more HID & LED headlight bulbs today!