How to Extend the HID Relay Harness For Large Oversized Vehicles

Recently we have got several customers who have bought the HID relay harness (AA1004) for their full-size truck like Ford F250 and GMC Yukon Denali complaining the HID relay harness is little bit too short when installing it with the HID conversion kit.

For this particular reason, we have created this easy fix guide to show you how to simply work around this problem by extending each side with an extra 36” inches.

We have done testing on a Dodge Ram 1500 this way, and now the wire is more than enough to cover both side for the fog lights (fog requires even longer wiring than headlights)

Step 1: Please take a look at the standard HID relay harness, once the standard length is around 55” from end to end.

Step 2: There are two major types of HID bulbs wiring setups (one with adapter and one with pins).

For the adapter one, simply use a pair of scissors and cut off the power cord wire from the attached rubber seal.

For the pin connector one, simply pull the power cord off the rubber seal.

Step 3: Now have the HID bulb connects to HID ballast and HID ballast to the extended power cord, this will give you an extra length of 36” for each end, so you are getting in total 127”, a little bit over twice the initial length.