How To Install 4-Piece LED Rock Light Kit For Truck SUV

This page will show you the diagram on how to install the 4-piece set LED rock light kit.(50-070-White) There are some drilling, cutting and wiring required for the installation.

1. Place LED Rock Light on rear fender liner in front of the wheel, mark mounting location, and remove fender liner.

NOTE: These are suggested mounting points only.


2. Place LED Rock Light on front fender liner above the wheel, mark mounting location and remove fender liner.


3. Drill mounting holes in each fender liner with a 1/4” drill bit.

NOTICE: Use caution when drilling holes to ensure best possible fit of product.


4. Install LED Rock Lights on fender liners using the Flat Mount rubber spacers, screws, nuts, 10mm wrench, and 6mm Allen Key. Once finished, reinstall fender liners.


5. Run wiring for rear LED Rock Lights along the pinch seam, securing with zip ties where necessary, and up through the fender into the engine bay.

TIP: To help guide wiring through fender, drop a piece of string down the fender, tie to wiring, and pull up.


6. Run wiring for front LED Rock Lights along the fender liner and up through the fender into the engine bay and wiring them to headlight or fog light +/- or run a switch.