How To Install LED Fog (70-819) Onto Ford Original Fog Lamp Mounting Bracket

This installation guide will show you how to install the full LED fog light (70-819) onto the Ford Super Duty's OEM fog mounting bracket.

It is base on a 2008-2010 Ford Super Duty, but will apply for all the 1999-2006 Ford Super Duty Trucks. (Fit 70-924, 70-945, 70-946,  and 70-947)

Step 1) Mount the two sets of the plastic fasteners to hold the LED fog. Insert the base first, then push pin all the way in.

Step 2) Insert the long screw from the back of the bracket, insert the spring, and then plastic "nut" on the LED fog, and tighten it. This is used to control the leveling of the LED fog.

You can also watch the video here