iJDMTOY Flexible LED Strip Lights Frequently Asked Questions


What are LED strips?

LED strips are strips of LED chips that are encased in a silicon material that are typically used for accent lighting and other "add-on" type lights. They can be used to the interior and exterior of the vehicle and they can be tapped to any 12v power source on the vehicle. LED strips are usually used to achieve the Audi Style Daytime Running Light effect and to provide ambient lighting inside or outside the vehicle.


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Where do I get the power for the LED strips?

For exterior front, you can tap the LED strip(s) to 12V power sources such as parking lights, side marker lights, fog lights, corner lights or even headlights.

For exterior rear, you can tap the LED strip(s) to 12V power sources such as license plate lights, side marker lights or tail lights.

For interior, you can tap the LED strip(s) to 12V power sources such as side door lights, cigarette lighter, speaker or stereo.

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Can I cut the strip shorter?

For the single color LED strips, you can cut it shorter usually by every 3 LED lights and after the cut, please make sure to cover the cutting area using silicone glue so the water won't get in.

For the switchback (dual-color) LED strips, you can't cut the strip at all due to its more complicated circuit design inside.

Please understand that cutting the LED strip will void the warranty and void the return/exchange on the item. We recommend that you test the LED strip prior to making any type of modifications.

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Is the LED strip waterproof for exterior use?

Yes, the LED strip is waterproof for exterior use. However, for the wiring portion, please keep it dry at all time.

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For the Audi style LED strips, do I have to put it inside of the head lamps?

No, you can simply hide the LED strip underneath the head lamps.

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How do I install the LED strip lights?

You can visit our LED strips DIY page for detail information on how to install the LED strip lights for headlights, under bumpers, under doors and more.

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