How To Install 2015-up Dodge Charger Challenger LED License Plate Lights

This installation applies for 75-146 Full LED license plate lights for 2015-up Dodge Charger, Challenger and 2015-up Chrysler 300 (need 2 pieces), 2017-up Chrysler Pacifica (need 2 pieces), 2017-up Jeep Compass, etc.

Caution: Handle the LED license plate light with extreme care and delicacy when plugging it in. The pins inside the adapter are delicate and thin, so ensure that they are properly aligned with the adapter openings before inserting the adapter completely.

18-SMD OEM-Fit 3W Full LED License Plate Light Kit For 2015-up Dodge Charger Challenger, Chrysler 300 & Pacifica, 2017-up Jeep Compass

Here is also an video for how to install this: