How To Install The Add-On Steering Wheel Larger Paddle Shifter Extension Covers

This general installation guide will show you how to install the Large Paddle Shifter Kit

Situation 1) Install with screws

  • If the paddle shifter kit comes with screws and a L-hex key, we highly recommend you to install it with the screws. This way the large paddle shifter can hold on to the existing shift paddles more easily

Situation 2) Install with double-sided tape

  • Clean the back of the OEM paddle shifter with rubbing alcohol, and wait until it drys out without any dust or oil/wax residuals
  • Ensure the double-sided tape is warm enough for better bonding (you can use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm it up if necessary)
  • Peel and precisely stick on along the edge of the paddle shifter, and apply adequate pressure for about 2 mins to let it fully bonds

This general installation guide will apply to many of our products SKUs including AA3179 AA3415 AA3418 AA3419 AA3590 AA3730 AA3731 AA3732 AA3733 AA3734 AA3735 AA3736 AA3737 AA3738 AA3739 AA3740 AA3741 AA3742 AA3743 AA3744 AA3745 AA3746 AA3748 AA3749 AA3750 AA3758 AA3759 AA3760 AA3766 AA3767 AA3768 AA3769 AA3775 AA3777 AA3778 AA3779 AA3780 AA3786 AA3787 AA3790 AA3791 AA3792 AA3799 AA3801 AA3802 AA3803 AA3820 AA3821 AA3822 AA3823 AA3825 AA3828 AA3837 AA3838 AA3851 AA3852 AA3853 AA3854