Installation For BMW F30 Style Shift Knob w/ LED Indicator Lights

Before the installation

1) You should receive an F30 style Gear Shift Knob with a vehicle-specific wiring adapter. Prior to the order is shipped out, we always perform a Quality Check to ensure the wiring harness is the correct one and the indicator lights on the shift knob function properly. Since the light panel has a high gloss finish, if we've left some fingerprints on it, we truly apologize for this.

2) If you purchase the Satin Silver finish Gear Shift, you might notice from a certain angle against the light, you will see on the bottom part of the handle, there's an "un-smoothness" area. First of all this is 100% normal, not a defect at all. This is resulted from the plastic molding process during production.

3) After the installation, in some cases that the LED indicator lights will only light up on the shifter, not the original panel anymore and this is completely normal.

Installation Steps For BMW F30 Style Shift Knob

1) Remove the OEM shift knob. First of all, you need to switch the shift knob to Drive (D), and pull the shifter straight up.

2) Use a plastic pry tool to remove the shift knob boot cover/base. Be careful on this part, since there are some wires attached to the base.

3) Please take a look at this BMW shifter diagram (you can click to enlarge it), and connect the wiring adapter accordingly. Please beware that the adapters all have directions, match the pins, and then plug them in. DO NOT force it.

4) Test to make sure all the LED lights work on different gear shift and put everything back.

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