Key Fob Cover Case FAQ

Q: How come the key fob shell won't clip and close all the way?
A: try to install the key holder on a table or other flat surface. Place the back piece on the table, put the smart key into the back piece, and then take the top piece and gently place it on top of the key. Take your hand and apply even pressure around the key holder so you can clip in and close the entire shell at the same time.

Q: What can I do if the pin that used to hold the key is broken, or the screw came loose and got lost?
A: For most of our leather key holders, we usually provide a spare pin & screw in the package. In case you lose or damage the original one, you can use this replacement.

Q: How do I put the key into the silicone key holder?
A: Please gently and gradually insert the key into the silicone key holder. We have also provided you this video for you to take a look at.

Q: After I put on the key shell, the panic button on my keyfob is covered, is that normal?
A: Since not all key fobs come with a panic/horn button, therefore for some key shells, they are designed that way and unfortunately the button will be covered.

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