Kia Optima H11 LED Fog Light Bulb Installation Guide

Installation guide based on a Kia Optima for LED Fog Lights.

You can find this product under LED Fog Lights (40-04X-1210).

1.) Using a jack and jack stands, safely raise the vehicle to access the under panels underneath the front bumper. You can also drive up ramps to raise the car. Please exercise caution and follow the manufacturer guidelines on how to raise the vehicle into the air safely.

2.) Remove the two (2) screws circled in red underneath the fog lights. They may be stuck and if that is the case, use a utility knife to pull it towards you.

3.) Once you’ve removed the two (2) screws, pull down the plastic cover.

4.) Locate the fog light bulb and remove the harness.

5.) Remove the plug by twisting it counter-clockwise and it should come out.

6.) Install the LED bulb and follow the instructions in reverse order to re-install.

7.) Repeat the same installation procedure on the other side and enjoy your new LED fog lights!

Special thanks to gmoney5588 of optimaforums for providing the information and pictures of his installation.