Kia Optima LED Back Up Reverse Light Bulb Installation Guide

You can find this product under LED Backup Reverse Lights (10-326).

1.) Open the trunk and carefully pop the handle open; pry the handle gently. There are two (2) metal screws which are located inside the handle area, remove those.

2.) Locate and remove five (5) plastic screws from the trunk liner. There are three (3) on the driver side and two (2) on the passenger side.

3.) Remove the trunk liner over the trunk latch/lock assembly and set aside.

4.) Starting on the passenger side tail light, remove one nut holding the taillight in place, and disconnect the harness. On the side of the assembly, there are two (2) more nuts that must be removed.

5.) Once all the connections/nuts are removed, gently push up on the tail light and grab it from outside the trunk.

6.) Twist and remove the reverse light bulb holder from the tail light. Replace with existing bulb with the LED bulb.

7.) Repeat the same procedures on the other side and follow all the steps in reverse order to assembly everything back together and enjoy your new LED reverse lights!

Special thanks to redturbo12 of optimaforums for posting up the pictures and knowledge for this installation.

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