Kia Optima Rear Bumper Reflector LED Light Installation Guide

You can find SKU 75-417-Red under Kia Optima LED Bumper Reflector Lights.

*NOTE: Before installing, please test all the LED lights directly on your 12v battery or if you have a 12v bench tester, use that. This to ensure the LED lights are in operational condition when installing*


1.) Follow the steps in the link below to remove the trunk liner and tail light harness.

2.) Remove the plastic trim piece surrounding the trunk striker that is in the front (back of the vehicle). There are various plastic clips and retainers holding the trim on so make sure you remove them first. The trim will be held on my plastic clips so gently pry up to remove.

3.) Remove the 10mm bolts and plastic retainers holding the trunk liner to the chassis on the bottom. Fold and rest the trunk liner behind the spare tire so it does not get in the way.

4.) Inside the trunk on the sides, there are two (2) square clips and two (2) 10mm bolts holding the bumper to the body on either side. Remove those.

(You may have to skip to step 5 and complete that step to remove the square clips)

5.) On the outside near the wheels, there are four (4) screws and one (1) plastic retainer on each side of the bumper in the wheel well area. Remove those.

6.) Unplug the white connector that is in the front of the trunk that goes through the rubber grommet.

7.) Remove any plastic retaining clips that are holding the bumper near the tail lights.

8.) Underneath the vehicle, remove the two (2) 12mm bolts that attach the bumper to the crash beam.

9.) Remove the bumper by firmly pulling on either side of the bumper. The bumper is held on my clips that attach into the chassis. In this step, it is recommended to have one more person to assist you taking it off.

10.) Remove the bumper reinforcement by removing four (4) plastic retainers. Two (2) are on the bottom and two (2) are on the top.

11.) Remove the factory reflectors by removing two (2) screws from each reflector.

12.) Drill two new holes for the new LED reflectors as outlined in the picture below.

13.) Extending of the wires may be required as the wires from the reflector may not be long enough. Route the wires through the grommet in the trunk. Using a wire loom is not required, but will make the installation much cleaner.

You will have to use a tool to widen the grommet to allow the wiring to go through, a sharp knife or small drill will help you.

14.) Re-install the trunk following the procedures mentioned above in reverse order. Having assistance to put it back on will greatly help you and minimize chances of scratching/damaging the paint on your car.

15.) Our LED reflector has three (3) wires:

White (Running Light Dimmer Mode Positive)
Red (Brake Light Brighter Mode Positive)
Black (Negative/Ground)

Route the wires to the tail light combination harness and tap them to the corresponding functions:

White Wire --> License plate light positive or tail light positive
Red Wire --> Brake light positive
Black Wire --> License plate light negative or tail light negative or ground

16.) Test your lights and make sure they work. After checking that, re-install all the components by following the guide in reverse order.

17.) Enjoy your new Kia Optima LED Bumper Reflector Lights!

Special thanks to crystalworks of optimaforums for uploading the pictures and information used in this guide online.