Lexus R4 LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under LED Daytime Running Lights

Installation Procedure:

1.) Turn on your high beams and make sure the blue high beam indicator light is on.

2.) Disconnect your stock harness from the stock bulb.

3.) Using the supplied LED Polarity Tester, plug in the wires into the harness. The LED bulb on the Polarity Tester will only light up when the RED wire is touching the positive side of the harness (the BLACK wire is the negative side). If the LED bulb on the tester does not light up, switch the wires around and try again. Once you have determined which side is positive, mark that side and proceed to STEP 4.

4.) Install can-bus decoder with the LED bulb into the vehicle making sure that the positive wire of our decoder (RED wire) is aligned with the positive side of your stock harness which you have marked in STEP 3.

5.) Repeat STEPS 1-3 on the opposite side.

***TIP: If the decoder is installed correctly, you should see the LED bulb fully light up with no flickering during Daytime Running Light mode.***